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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Welcome to Paris Island!

Here goes, part one of collection my US Marines. 

I decided to collect a United States Marines force following completion of my second Marine commission recently. The first I compelted in around April and consisted mostly of Warlord Games fantastic plastic figures.
I was blown away by the quality of the models and decided that I absolutely wanted some for myself.

 Sadly other projects came along and I never quite got around to them. After being invited to take part in 'A tale of bearded gamers' however the time seemed right and I rang Warlord and placed an order for some new shinies! 

Whilst waiting for my big box of treasure to arrive I planned out my US Marines Tarawa List  list so that I would have something to work towards. 

Normally when putting a force together I find a historical platoon organization and use that to build my army and fit that around the points values of my games without much thought to game performance. 

With this force I decided to do something a little more rag tag with the theme of the Battle of Tarawa as inspiration. After some research I decided to give each of my infantry squads some massive fire power through their BAR's. 

I declined to add any support weapons heavier than MMG's and 1D6 HE as it didn't seem appropriate to a landing force.

  I did go for a Sherman though after finding this awesome article on US Marine Shermans at Tarawa.

This week finished the first of my squads.    

Over the Christmas break I'll make a start on the other 2 units, with the aim to getting them done by the time of my next update. In the next piece I'll discuss what paints and techniques I use for painting USMC, and also talk about how I do my basing. 

Until then, Happy Christmas!

As always you can see more of my work here if you can't wait for the next installment.