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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings

Hey Guys,

Welcome to “A Tale of Bearded Wargamers.”
Hopefully you will see this blog fill up with painted miniatures, reviews and maybe some battle reports too over the course of our hobby adventures.
Our first project that is coming soon, is a joint blog where we all paint up new 1000 point Bolt Action armies; but more on that later. Firstly we thought we should all introduce ourselves; in alphabetical order before Andy starts thinking he's the most important! Also note examples of finished paint jobs from previous projects.
Please come back over the next couple of weeks for articles introducing our new armies, plans and (hopefully) some finished minis!

Hi I'm Andy, also known as Volley Fire Andy 
from various Forums. I decided to quit a job of working with naughty people (not the fun kind either), to become a full time professional figure painter. I spend my spare time not painting off stumbling around as a historical reenactor which means I have a pretty splendid collection of references, especially when working on Germans. My own modelling focus for the last year has been to collect a couple of German armies for Bolt Action, but now it's time to branch out into something new! (Note: no beard in the image, Andy is more of a recreational beard grower when not acting soldier!)
 Andy will be completing a United States Marine force over the next couple of months, and you might have even seen his work featured in the Warlord Games News Letter! Between him and Brian, its possible that every 28mm WW2 Mini has been painted by some one on this blog!

I hardly think I need an introduction, as many of you probably know who I am from the various Facebook groups and Forums. But It's me, the one and only, Brian Ward, or as I am known to some, The Commodore. Let's see, I was asked to participate in this blog by the most wretched hive of scum and villainy. My background, let's see I started painting miniatures in 1992 as miniatures for my D&D games.Over the years I got heavily involved in WH40K where I had a really cool all scout space marine force early on in third edition, and I had a nice Eldar army at the end of my 40K days in 7th edition. Over the years, I have played all sorts of miniatures game, then one day, while searching the web I came across the game Bolt Action.I dived into the hobby head first and have not regretted looking back. I am from the great state of Wisconsin in the good old USA. I think I am the only one of the 4 of us blogging not from the UK, so don't complain if I call your Hobnobs a cookie, or my armor is lacking the u.  Brian has been a long standing member of the Admin team on the Bolt action facebook groups; and has appeared a couple of times on the popular BAR podcast. He will be completing a Waffen SS force for a friend for his first project!

Hey guys :)

I'm Jamie, some of you might remember me from the live battle reports on youtube that I filmed with a friend when Bolt Action was still a new game. I didn't win many games! Hopefully that will turn around in the course of this blog. Those who know me IRL know I suffer from a real low attention span, and rarely finish one project before moving on to the next one. Hopefully the other lads will keep me on course, and I might actually play a game with a fully painted force (leaving my opponent in shock, and therefore I might even win too!) I've played and probably painted a figure for most games out there, but I have always enjoyed painting tanks the most.
 Jamie was one of the founding members of the Bolt Action facebook group; and one of the first youtube posters covering the game.  He will be completing a 1st SS recon force for his first contributions!

PS check out my youtube channel, where I will be posting content for this tale. Here's a Sherman I painted for Warlord, what feels like ages ago!


Hi, I'm Jez. This is a quick overview of my past work and a bit about me.

I have been into the hobby gaming and painting since 1989 (wow, I feel old!) starting with Hero Quest and spending most of my painting time on GW products. I even worked for GW on a few different occasions.

Recently however I have moved away from GW and in to the world of historical gaming, playing Bolt Action and Black Powder mostly, but I still love my fantasy/sci-fi gaming including Warmachine and Hordes, Infinity, Malifaux and a host of other games.

Jez is a friendly (ish) face and long standing admin on the Bolt Action Facebook Groups, and is well known within the community as a great painter. His blog page regularly reviews new kits. He has also pushed Bolt Action in his local gaming community, creating a group of bolt action fanatics. He also demos the game with Warlord staff, and is great with rules and painting queries. He will be completing a joint Sikh and Chindit force operating in the far east.

So there you have it guys, we hope you enjoy!
- A Tale of Bearded Wargamers


  1. Looks interesting. Good luck with the project!

    Two things you should add though - there should be a couple of "Follow" option you can add to the sidebar. One is just a link that includes the blog through the Blogger "Dashboard" page ("Follow this Site" I think the button says), and the other is a "Follow by Email" option. The Email option is really handy as it sends out email notices when there are new posts on the blog.

    1. Hey Kevin,

      Jamie here, thanks alot for the feed back! I think I have done this now and we really appreciate the help and support!

  2. Yeah Kevin. As blog noobs any help is greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi Guys - I'm a N00b as far as blogs go too. I've just noticed a few useful things on the blogs I follow! :-)

    I got the email "Follow" sorted - thanks for that.

    There should still be a "Join this site" option, specifically for this blog. The Jamie Trantor "Follow" is close, but there should be something like that, just for this blog. It should look like this when it's added (hope my link works!):


    1. Hmm... Let's see if this doesn't work better...


  4. OK - found a site with the "Join" button:


    On the right-hand side, above the Member pics, you'll see the "Join this site" option I talked about.

    1. Okay Kevin, I think I've done it now?
      Alot of hardwork this is! :)

  5. Would like to point out, I am the only bearded one on these pictures... Jez just has a 5 o'clock shadow.