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Monday, 29 December 2014

Jungle basing guide.

Hello guys and gals. Since I posted my first British Indian unit last week I have received a number of enquiries asking how I did my basing.
Well it's really quite simple, like most things I do. You simply need a few handy items which everyone will have to hand and away you go.
For this project I used the standard basing materials I would usually need like sand, PVA glue (white glue or Elmers in the US) and some paints. As this was going to be a little different from my normal basing I required a couple of different items to what I'd normally need. 
Usually I'd use static grass but this time I wanted to use something to represent leaf litter, so after raiding the kitchen cupboard I found a tub of dried mixed herbs which was perfect for the job. The only other item I needed was something to represent jungle plants. For this I used some aquarium plants picked up cheaply from a local pet store. Obviously use plastic ones and not the real ones lol. 
The pack I picked up had around 6-7 plants in it asnd that will prove  plenty, with lots of scope  for different styles and colours. 
Start by sanding and painting your base in the usual manner you would do. Here I have gone for a dark brown, highlighted with mid brown then bone. 
Once I have  allowed to paint to dry I stippled MiG pigments Vietnam Earth  dry pigment powder onto it. Tap off the excess and seal with Matt varnish and allow to dry. 
If you have never used pigments before  they are available online or from good local hobby stores. 
Make sure you use them with plenty of ventilation or whilst wearing a disk mask as the pigment dust gets in the air and can be a little unpleasant without protection
The next step is to get the plants ready for the base. I pulled one set of leaves off the plant and clipped  a couple of fronds off. I did this with two different plants to give the base some variety
I stuck the fronds to the base using superglue. To help adhere the fronds to the base I used a superglue activator. Sometimes this won't grip properly so you can drill a small hole in the base if it's plastic or wood to poke them in to or you can stick them to the base with a small blob of hot glue or you can make a little green stuff base to stick the frond into. Whatever suits you best really as it will depend on how often you will be handling the minis. 
Finally I stuck the dried mixed herbs onto the base with PVA glue to represent leaf litter, and once dry seal with Matt varnish. 
Sit back and enjoy your handy work. 
I will be posing a painting guide soon for the troops I've done too. 
Until then, enjoy :D ~Jez

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  1. "Welcome to the Jungle. We've got rosemary and thyme!".....