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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hi guys, this is the first update from myself. 

The first 500 odd points turned up in the week and has now been constructed. As you know I will be constructing, painting and gaming with a British Indian army based in Burma during the late war period. 
Two sections of Indian troops, a section of Chindits, a lieutenant, FOO, an MMG team and a sniper team. There are even a few left over troops and a Bren carrier for the next 500 points too.
I finally managed to sit down and get a section painted up just in time for today's deadline. 
First up is a section of nine Indian troops all armed with rifles. In their traditional british uniform they are resplendent in their trademark turbans of the brave Sikh troops that fought so well for the commonwealth across the globe, but in this case Burma in particular. 

The models were a joy to paint up and were certainly a big change from the German troops I usually paint. 
There are plenty of guides to painting British troops online so I won't bore you with the details here, but I will briefly mention the basing. 
After sanding, I painted then dark brown and then they were highlighted Skeleton Bone. 
Once dry I stippled a little MiG pigment Vietnam Earth on to them. I didn't want grass on the bases and after some research online I discovered that the ground covering was jungle leaf litter for the most part. I represented this with some dried mixed herbs, which had the unusual side effect of making the miniatures smell nice. 
The jungle plants are bits of aquarium plants trimmed and glued in place

So there you have it, more will be added to the force over the next few weeks, but for now, enjoy. :D

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