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Monday, 26 January 2015

The first 500 points done!

That's right ladies and gents, the first 500 points of my Burma army is complete! I've recently finished off the Lietenant, Forward Observer, sniper and MMG teams.

As you can see the army is coming along nicely, and I'm really pleased with the way the jungle plants are tying the force together. 
So, what's planned for the next 500 points? Well, that would be telling wouldn't it!
Needless to say it will involve a fair few crazy kukri wielding Gurkhas, a couple more Chindits, and an M3 Lee amongst others.

I will of course keep you undated as to the progress of the army, and you can always read more on my  Face Book blog, www.facebook.com/jezspaintingblog 
If you have any questions or comments then feel free to ask away in the comments. Enjoy!

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