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Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Burmese Army nears it's first 500 points!

That's right everyone, the paint train has kept on trundling along and in the spare moments between Christmas, New Year and work I have virtually finished the first 500 points. Just an officer, FOO, sniper and MMG team to go!
So what have you got done then I hear you ask? Well I'll show you...
In this picture is the army so far. It now consists of the section I had completed before, and two more small sections which I can merge into one if I need to. There is also a section of 10 Chindits armed with rifles and a Bren should I wish to field it. 

The British Indian sections are painted in the same method as before, English Uniform base coat, Khaki webbing, turbans and back packs, black boots and green blanket rolls. 
These were washed in Army Painter Stong Tone and then highlighted with the original base colour, then done again with Skeleton Bone added to the highlight mix. 

The Chindits were done slightly differently as they wore green uniforms. 
The main colour was US Dark Green, with khaki webbing and backpacks, black boots and a mix of English Uniform and  Orange Brown were used for their slouch hats. 
This was agin all washed in  Army Painter Strong Tone and highlighted in the same way as the Indian sections. 
So, there you have it. I will post some more when I've finished the 509 points, and I may even post up a battle report too 
Feel free to ask any questions in the comments below, and until the next time, enjoy

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