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Monday, 12 January 2015

Brian's Late Start

Hello everyone, this is Brian, sorry I have not posted anything to the Blog as it was the holidays and everything, my kids made out like bandits, I got some socks and shirts.... but I digress.

My army is a bit different then the other's that are posting here.  Since I really have vast array of models from all nationality, I thought, why don't I help a budding player in my area and get his army completed.  So without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to the Waffen SS Army I am painting for my friend Sam Liebert.

Same sent me a mystery box chock full of infantry and vehicles.  I apologize for the dark pictures, but my office/hobby room is being used for storage that I am soon going to rectify.

First off we have Sam's Infantry.  There are about 50'ish soldiers, including a mortar, MMG team, and sniper team.  There is also a FT team in there and a mix mash of K-98 rifles, MP40's and STG44's.  The miniatures are a mix of Warlord Games Waffen SS and BlackTreeDesign Waffen SS.

Notice a few of them came off their base washers in transit, but that is to be expected after the long trip.

Next came the vehicles.  Sam gave me a Warlord Resin JgPz38t AKA the Hetzer.  The Barrel having taken damage in route of shipping, again, as expected.

Another vehicle that he included was the SdKfz 251/10.

Finally was a Early War 6RAD that he won in a tournament as best Axis General with a Donor army when he first got into the game.   Rough looking, I hope it comes out in the painting.

I shall now delve in and update my part of the Blog.  Keep your heads down.

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