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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Beyond the Gates of Antares battle report

Hello guys and gals, here is a very quick battle reort from a couple of days ago which involved my Algoryn along with my best bud Andy's Boromites
These are the forces chosen before the battle, both completely the same from the sample lists, one HQ, 2 squads of AI infantry for me and a squad each of gang fighters and a work gang for Andy, a mag repeater each and an X Launcher each. A nice even 5 dice game. 

This is the board set up, lots of cover but still with decent fire corridors. 

The troops start to move on the board, the odd pot shots start to cause pins on the Boromites and the Algoryn Mag repeater, and the respective X Launchers fire Scoot and Arc rounds. Scoot makes units move away from the area soup pounding the marker and Arc makes shots passing close to it potentially miss by arcing them away from the target. Antares has some really cool stuff in it already. 

Look, Boromites. Shoot them!

The Work Gang advancing by the circular silo is wiped out by devastatinly accurate shooting, whilst the Boromite Gang Fighter squad sprints across the gap between the silo and the tower block on the left of the pic, but are exhausted at the end and take a pin. ( in Antares you can move 5", run 10" or sprint for 15", but at the end of the move you must take an agility test and if you fail you take a pin)

There, in the distance. A Mag Repeater, kill it!

The Boromite HQ squad is crippled by the Algoryn Mag repeater, only to be finished off by an AI squad. 

On the Algoryn right flank an AI squad Gomes under fire by the Boromite mag repeater. As all the conditions were met the AI squad took a reaction test, passed it and were given a run order to get them from the open to cover, therefore denying the shot to the Boromites. In the following turn both Boromite support weapons were destroyed by long range fire and the outflanking AI unit on the right

The final Boromite falls to pistol fire from the X Launcher team members and the game is over for the lumpy boys. Algoryn win!

There you go, I hope you have enjoyed my mini battle report, and I'm sure there'll be more to come. 

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