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Monday, 9 March 2015

The Burma British are complete!

That's right guys and gals, the second 500 points are now complete which can only mean one thing, yes that's right, the 1000 points is done! In this picture you can see the additional units required to take it to completion, an M3 Lee, Bren carrier, and 2 sections of Gurkhas. 
This is the first section of Gurkhas, 5 men all armed with rifles. They ride in to battle on board the Bren carrier, shooting the enemy up with the inboard LMG's before disembarking to shoot up the same target at close range before finishing them off in close combat (hopefully!)

A section of nine Gurkhas with rapid fire finishes out the infantry. So far these have proved a real thorn in the side of their enemies, being effective at range, very effective in combat and very tough to kill as they're veteran troops. 
Thinking about it I wouldn't mind an army of them!

The M3 Lee was an iconic vehicle of WW2, and although it fell out of favour in Europe, it continued fighting throughout the war in the Far East, it's thinner amour proving not so much a hinderence against their Japanese enemy's anti tank capabilities. 

The universal carrier or Bren carrier was a utilitarian vehicle employed for many tasks in the Burmese theatre. This is a vehicle that I've toyed with dropping from the list on a number of occasions, however I've stuck with it and it's proved it's worth multiple times, most notably in its last game when 2 panzerfausts and a heavy anti tank gun round bounced off it.
I have now nicknamed her 'Impervious' lol. Besides, the Gurkha section would get angry if they had to walk now, and I don't want any angry Gurkhas thank you very much!

The final pictures show the finished army all together and an action shot as they stalk through the Burmese jungle. 
I hope you have enjoyed the series of articles over the last couple of months, and I'm hoping you'll enjoy what we have planned for the upcoming months, it should be very exciting indeed!

As always if there anything you would like to know, or would like to see, please don't hesitate to pop a comment below.
Enjoy, Jez. 

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