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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Mustering Reinforcements!

A quick update from me this week as I've been buried with work, however I have managed to find time to assemble the final stretch of my 1000 points of US Marines!

Still to come I have a 10 man squad with 3 BARs, pistols, SMGS and bad attitude, a sniper team, a flame thrower team, a light howitzer, a medium mortar an MMG team, a medic, and the boss with this shotgun toting side kick.

When I put a force together I try to stay relatively historical, so I've left out anything like medium howitzers and vehicle flame throwers, and as I'm theming my force to the Battle of Tarawa I've even had to forgo the LVT's, at least for now.

 I do have more BAR's that is historically accurate, however for me the iconic look to the US Marine in the pacific theatre is worn and battered clothing, and carrying a BAR with ton of ammunition and water.

I'm aiming to get these painted in the next week or so, but for now they are will have to suffer on in their base tone of Green Grey!

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